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BFI Profile (BanksProfile .com )
A complete Banking and Financial Profile Information

A social platform of Bank, Finance, Insurance and Securities Company and Banking Institution with Banking Union and Top Bankers Profile

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Team Structure are
100 Team Members
10 Founder Members (3 BoD members From Founders)
100 Promoter Members
Life Members
Honorable Members

Total Share Value
Founder and Promoter member is Digital ICT Media Company 40%
Founder Members 10%
Promoters 50%

Investment Paln
For BoD Member Rs 25,000/- Joining and Rs 75,000/- will support collect with in Year
For Founder Members Rs 25,000/- (Joining 10,000/- and 15,000/- with in 3 months )
Rs 10,000/- for Promoter Members (Joining 5,000/- and 5,000/- with in 3 month )
Rs 5,000/- for Lifetime Membership Charges.
Rs 10,000/- Honorable Membership Charges.

Role and Responsibility

1. For BoD member
> Initial Investment of Rs 25,000/- (75,000/- will pay with in year OR collect 1 Lakh Above
Financial support with in year)
> Make 1 Promoter member and 4 Lifetime member
> To collect Minimum 20,000/- Advertisement Support in BFI Profile (BanksProfile.com) Yearly.

2. For Founder member
> Initial Investment of Rs 10,000/- (15,000/- will pay with in 3 months)
> Make 1 Promoter member and 4 lifetime/Honorable members.
> To collect Minimum 15,000/- Advertisement Support in BFI Profile (BanksProfile.com) Yearly.

3. For Promoter
> Joining Rs 10,000/-
> Make a 6 Lifetime Member with in 1 year
> To collect Minimum Rs 10,000/- Financial support OR Advertisement to BanksProfoile.com Yearly

3. For Lifetime/Honorable Members
> Support to Banksprofile.com as Verify members
> Daily Sharing BanksProfile.com minimum 3 contents to others social medias.

For Founder/BoD members
> Will get 1% profits.
> Creating Social profiles.
> Free Media and Journalism workshop and Training.
> Honor in Anniversary Special program.

For Promoter Members
> Will get 0.5% profit sharing of BanksProfile.com
> Creating Social Profile
> Free Media workshop and training.
> Honor in Anniversary Program.

For Members
> Creating Social Profile.

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